Privacy Policy

Act for Protection of Computer Processed Personal Data held by Administrative Bodies of individual information offered by the customer be observed, and Nosui Corporation (hereafter referred to as "Nosui") is protected, and managed according to the following criteria.

• Paragraph 1
It is assumed that information identifying the customer as an individual corresponding to the following clauses.

  1. Information offered by the customer as document by form.
  2. Information offered by the customer in business operations of Nosui (telephone, visit, and event seminar.) and other active conducts in relation to business, besides the aforementioned.

• Paragraph 2
Nosui is assumed to be the one to use individual information only within the range necessary for achieving the purpose of the following.

  1. In correspondence to any inquiry by the customer.
  2. Exchange holding to the customer via E-mail, mailing, fax, telephone, and visit.
  3. Business recording of meeting with the customer and reporting of meeting: E-mail, mailing, fax, telephone, and visit.
  4. Analysis to enhance products and services.
  5. Questionnaire to customer and its analysis.
  6. Individual sharing information to 3rd party connected with Nosui in cooperation with group businesses.
  7. Correspondence to analysis and inquiry of information obtained when job offers for recruitment.
  8. Legal court procedure if failing to observe the law.

• Paragraph 3
Nosui is assumed not to offer to any third party, except when agreement made prior with the customer is obtained.

• Paragraph 4
However, Nosui is assumed to be the one (when the consignment of the handling of individual information within the range necessary in achieving the purpose of paragraph 2 each title to the third party to whom group businesses, the business partner, and Nosui consign the business arrangements thereof and sharing) regardless of providing the preceding paragraph 1.

• Paragraph 5
It is assumed the one responsible for adhering to appropriate safety management measures for the right concerning information obtained from individual data and the statistical analysis to be assumed by Nosui, to prevent the leakage of the information, the downfall, and misappropriation of confidential information.