Working environment


For our healthy life

Medical checkup
employeeWe provide medical checkups to all employees to maintain their health. Every five years, we enforce medical checkups beyond national standards. Also, all employees are allowed to get extra health checks and support a part of the health cover.

Stress check
As a way of promoting health, we provide a stress check to all our employees. Nosui can provide follow up support and we protect their privacy.

Nosui promotes a flu vaccination to protect all employees' health. Specifically from 2019, we fully cover all the expenses.

We provide some extra-curriculars, and our company has a contract with sports clubs to encourage a healthy work life balance.

Employee training

HR development
Nosui introduced internal and external effective training which is required for promoting business and management skills for our personnel.

- Pre-employee training
trainingMinimum raining for acquiring basic knowledge of our company before entering as new recruits.

- New employee training
It is practical training to be a fully-fledged member, include simulated activities.

- Quality control training
Such training as "microbial examination training", "sensory testing".

- Cafeteria plan training
On our menu of seminars on demand, we offer a range of skills specific to the individual worker.

- Stratified training
We have different levels of training depending on the role. We provide a supervisory sectional management and managerial training.

- Self-development system
Self-development system is to provide an opportunity to those who wish to enhance the skills, practically covered by the company.

Working environment for all employees

- Maternity leave system
We fully adhere to the Japan standard of childcare leave enabling maternity support.

- Paid holidays
Our company insist that all employees take at least five days paid holiday in the year. HR department monitor the status of each member with reminders.

- Re-employment system
We offer the option of returning to employment after retirement. This re-hiring system enables retirees a chance to continue working.