Planning and Development

Our planet is expansive and communities are changing. That is why there is a lot of demand for food in the future. In order to meet such demands, we are planning and developing our line of products while accommodating to the specific dietary needs of regional communities.

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Since life styles keep changing, everyone has a different demand for frozen food. Nosui has developed products such as frozen vegetables without the need to cook, frozen fish without the need to clean, we look for convenience and satisfaction to match such needs. Specific skills are required to make it happen. We need to contribute to our society, producing such kinds of value-added or novel products to meet our customers' needs in the future. Not only developing new products, but also improving our standard products day by day is important. Furthermore, we work on meeting universal standards, long life preservation techniques or high quality packages as required from our customers’ feedback. Nosui believes that our frozen food will meet expectations of our customers reflective of their feedback.

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