Quality Control

Food is a natural resource for our health. Nowadays, we are very concerned about quality and safety. Because of that, Nosui has established manuals for security control from inspecting water and soil, to managing factories and logistics domestically and overseas. Also, our staff is made aware of compliance through our quality control training.

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Nosui's frozen food is processed in a manner which pays attention to health and sanitation with reference to specifics like harvesting, controlling through pesticides, preserving and distributing. We maintain quality through management of antibacterial and food additives in our plants and production areas. Guided by our quality control methods with our partners, we work closely to observe our standards of sanitation. We have established safety and security systems to approve end-user products through sanitary surveys, visual inspections and sensory evaluations. Our company receives industry affiliated recognition for the quality control management system, to reflect the know-how with tangible solutions, to raise our staff awareness towards quality control. Furthermore, we aim to provide superior criteria for quality control, maintaining quality standards and follow-up solutions.

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